Yeah, you’ve got that blessing I’m disguise. 😈

I can honestly say I have been blessed thus far. Can you see the happiness? 😁

Yesterday 🔂. 😊

My dressing room shots don’t include me stuntin’ in clothes that I DON’T own. #NoSneakDissIntended 💁


You can be my #MCM just cause #DreDay is around the corner. Love you #4Lyfe cause you is my #Baby 😂😂😘



Baby broo 💯❤️👊

If only I had played longer 😞.

Feeling like an animal w/ these cameras all in my grill 👹, 🚨.

Had to come down to support maa baby. I’m so very proud of her for the hard work she put in to earn this position. Love love love you ! 👑😘❤️

Somebody told me I was a jerk, so I had to kill em. 💤 w/ @xlovelaughlive